Sunday, April 3, 2016

Welcome to my second blog post, and thanks for dropping by.

As I write these words the ranking Dark Moon Rising has achieved on Amazon’s “Author Central” page is quite flattering.

Among Kindle readers DMR is ranked six thousand, one hundred and ninety-six, and the book is at eight thousand, two hundred and ninety-seven ― out of a total of near four hundred and twenty-five THOUSAND sci-fi books for sale on Amazon.

I can’t start to tell you how extraordinary this is, and just how much I appreciate all of you who have purchased and read my story.

In book two of The Unborn Galaxy series, called The Battle of Broken Moon, we will go back a couple of years before the Moon quake. We will explore the terrestrial war that rages in Oceania, and we will follow several veterans of that war who have volunteered for the Lunar Civil Defense Detachment.

Their tribulations start in northern Arizona while in training for their mission on Earth’s satellite, long before they arrive at JILL and before the Moon quake that nearly destroyed the Lunar base.

In the midst of the LCDDs herculean efforts to stabilize the base and evacuate its inhabitants the unimaginable happens ― JILL is attacked.

What follows is a battle inside the ruins of the base between the survivors who want desperately to live, and an enemy determined to die a martyr’s death.

Friendships will be formed and tested. Lovers will be ripped apart. Enemies and allies will turn, triumph will see the death of hope, and one man with learn the true meaning of a Pyrrhic victory.

What is it all for? And who will be the last standing in the airless ruins after The Battle of Broken Moon?

As the reader progresses through The Unborn Galaxy what will be obvious is that you are not following one key character. Each story has its own individual who is central to the story. In each there are characters that overlap from one or more stories to another.

The cast of characters may grow and change, and the locations might alter, but it all transpires within The Unborn Galaxy.

 The story, The Battle of Broken Moon, morphed a lot as I wrote it, as did DMR, however the changes that came into being as I wrote Broken Moon greatly influenced the fourth story and so the fifth as well.

Ultimately I am much happier with the final product than the original draft of the five stories.

I find that once sketched out on paper it is very difficult to follow the blue print I’ve laid out for myself as I sit down and start to “flesh out” the story itself. This is not always a good thing as flights of wild imaginings can lead you off into strange new places you had not intended.

On the other hand, these derivations can be a very good thing as flights of wild imaginings can lead you off into strange new places you had not intended.

I hope you who have read Dark Moon Rising will take a few minutes to review it on the site where you bought it, and on other sites like “Goodreads.Com” and if you’ll post your comments to I will insure they get posted to my web site .

Post a note or comment to this blog and I promise to respond.

Again, thanks to all of you who have brought my rating up so high. And rest assured, book II will be out before you know it.

―Mike Gonzales