Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Well, here it is, December, 2016. This year has flown by.
Of course, it is the joyous Christmas season that lights up hearth and home for my family. Though the year is coming to an end, in my home Christmas is a time of renewal; with family, friends, and life in general.

Another reason to be joyful this month is the release of my second novel, “The Battle of Broken Moon” Released today, 6 December!

I can’t start to explain how this feels. I am certainly blessed to have been guided to the great people at Fire Star. I know a great many writers, through my interactions on social media, who have been striving, some for decades, to get published. When I stop to consider all the synchronicity that transpired to get me to this point, I can only stop,  and thank Jung!

In “The Battle of Broken Moon” we will learn what happen on the lunar surface while Sergeant Hugh Pacherd and his people struggled to survive beneath the Moon’s crust in “Dark Moon Rising.”
We’ll start quite some time before the quake that nearly destroyed humanity’s first off world settlement. We will follow a group of dedicated young Lunar Civil Defense Detachment volunteers through their training, and suffer with them the horrifying events that overtook them before deployment to the Moon.

It is during orientation, on the Moon, at the Joint International Lunar Laboratory, JILL, that the horrific quake strikes. In the pandemonium that follows the LCDD springs into action to save as many lives as possible.

But something is amiss. Key installations, not destroyed in the quake, and necessary to the evacuation, are suffering catastrophic malfunctions, and being threatened by other calamities, placing in jeopardy the lives of all the survivors. Post concerning is the fact that there is no rational explanation for these events . A lot has been destroyed at random, but what’s happening now defies logic.

In the course of trying to preserve what is left, and to determine the reason for the enigmatic disasters, the absolutely unimaginable occurs. JILL is attacked from space, and an invasion force lands and assaults the facility.

Who are these invaders? What can they possibly hope to gain from attacking this lone human outpost?

Who will survive, The battle of Broken Moon? 
I hope you’ll join me in this adventure. He who reads closely will find hints to underlying truths that set future stories into motion, and will, ultimately, reveal an unsavory reality.

Book II of the Unborn Galaxy Series, “The Battle of Broken Moon” available now!